Heredia Roses



Hi my friends!


I'm Heredia Roses and I love to help travellers capture their memories as beautiful as they are.


I came from Havana, Cuba some years ago and I fell in love! In love with the uniqueness of the landscape, the happiness of the people and the beauty of my wife. So... I decided to stay and run my passion about photography here, in the Fiji Island, and Create Professional memories of your Vacations.


The exotic beauty of this place, the sunset at the beach are definitely pictures to achieve in your collection of memories and I am here to make it happen. ​


It’s amazing what people will do to achieve that “one great shot” too: scale a wall to get the perfect vantage point, take upwards of 50 photos of the same exact spot in quick succession just in case one turns out perfect, curse the sky for clouding over just as you were about to push the button… Hey, we’ve all been there! That's why I decided to create Roses Memories. ​


And not to sound too "preachy", but photos are important. They’re little souvenirs from your travels that you can fondly look back on or brag about on social media (we’re all guilty of it), so if they’re not any good, you’re less likely to want to dig them out ten years on.


So... Tell me about you!!